Tim Tebow & Russell Wilson: Why I Stand Behind Them

Hello Kings and Queens! A lot of us may be aware of Tim Tebow’s recent break- up with his girlfriend due to their conflicting views on sex within a relationship. Tim Tebow believes that sex should be saved for marriage (just like the Bible teaches) and his then girlfriend had an opposing view on the matter and it is said that this is what led to their split. There are numerous articles surfacing around the internet from people all around the country commenting on this matter. I skimmed across plenty of feedback from people scoffing at him, saying he dropped the ball, and that his beliefs are out of date.

When I think about people like Tim Tebow and Russell Wilson, I think about men who honor God and are willing to go against the “norm”. These are men, that in 2015, choose to obey God in one of the most loosely Picturesdistributed areas; sex. People see a man not having sex as in-masculine but really, it takes an immense amount of strength to abstain from sex, especially for a man, being as though next to honor and respect, sex is a major need for them.


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Welcome to the official website of Wryan Arielle. I am a young lady who loves Christ and loves all things fabulous 🙂 My goal is to create a place where many people can come to receive inspiration to continue or build their walk with God and be the greatest person they can be. In the society we live in, it is so easy to dim your light and follow the status quo. Society would say “it’s too many rules to be a Christian. It’s not fun. What’s the point? You only live once, so be wild and free!” Well, I hate to break it to you, society, but none of that is true! In fact, I’ve had some of the best experiences with God and being around other people who love God.WryanArielle

Christianity is not all about rules. This is one of the biggest misconceptions and it casts that whole religious outlook on Christianity. What if I told you that it’s really about having a relationship with God? It’s about knowing God intimately, renewing your mind and living in a way that brings glory to Him. None of that includes living under a rock and wearing a skirt that comes down to your ankles every single day. God is a fun God! Although He means business, he wants you to experience His way of life; knowing Christ and not being ashamed of it. Another desire that God has placed in my heart is to chronicle my journey as a young lady who believes in saving sex for marriage.

In this day and age, it is almost unheard of to not have sex before marriage and many media outlets

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The Art of Listening

What happens when you find yourself going through the motions in life? When you feel like your daily routine is so redundant and it’s not bearing any fruit? When you feel as though somehow, you’ve lost your way and you need some direction? The answer is to listen. Life is so busy. Society has painted an image of what it looks like to be successful in this world, especially in America. Go to school they say, get your degree they say, find yourself a nice corporate job, get married at this age, and have kids by this age they say. Who are “they” and how did they become responsible for setting being-heard-1those standards anyways? Questions that need answers.

I’m feeling this way. After graduating high school back in 2011, I wanted to keep up the pace with everyone else. I thought, surely going to an illustrious university was the only way school should be done. My mom and others had mentioned to me that I should maybe take it slow and go to a community college because I was not able to get into the local university I really wanted to go to after being placed on a waiting list. Instead, I jumped the gun and proceeded to go to a larger than life four year university because I wasn’t satisfied with the thought of attending a community college. It wasn’t big enough, it wasn’t fashionable enough. So I found myself going eight hours away from home to the second university that was on my list.

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